10 Reasons to Date Eddie Redmayne

After the news of Uk star Eddie Redmayne’s greatest star victory at the 2015 Oscars, we view precisely why the guy helps to make the a lot of qualified bachelor in the city. Okay, very he may have married their overall gf Hannah Bagshawe last year, but we could dream!

1. He could be Hollywood royalty. Successful most readily useful Actor in the Oscars features cemented Eddie Redymane’s position in greatest quantities of Hollywood fame and important acclaim.

2. The guy knows actual royalty. Eddie was a student in exactly the same year as Prince William at Eton college or university.

3. His boyish good looks. Eddie switched 33 in January this season but looks much younger than their decades. He has got also modelled for deluxe style tag Burberry twice – in 2008 and 2012.

4. He is functional. From playing an all-singing French innovative to portraying a genius experiencing a degenerative illness, Eddie Redmayne has brought on their show of varied and difficult parts.

5. He’s a snappy dresser. In 2015 he had been called first in GQ‘s leading 50 best-dressed British guys.

6. He is able to tell their Matisse from his Monet. Eddie learned reputation of Art at Cambridge college.

7. The boy can sing. Eddie very first highlighted his lovely vocal voice in 2012’s music edition Les Misérables alongside some less well-received actors.

8. He’s pals with Tom Hiddleston AND Benedict Cumberbatch. Enough mentioned.

9. His British-ness. From the cut-glass accent towards the sharp three-piece suits, Eddie Redmayne is actually all the classic English guy.

10. The guy also amazed Stephen Hawking. His Oscar-winning overall performance of Stephen Hawking in 2014’s the idea of the things directed the guy himself to review:  “at instances, I thought it actually was me”. Tall praise without a doubt.


Pic credit: Jake Chessum